In Park Slope, Brooklyn there is a lamp facing out of a window on the third floor of an apartment building located on the northwest corner of 7th Ave and 1st Street... and you can control it.

Step 0: Sign up for foursquare if you have not already.

Step 1:  
Foursquare (This is not the same as signing up for foursquare. You need to click on this button to get the lamp to work for you.)

Step 2: Go to Park Slope, Brooklyn and make sure you are facing the window described above.

Step 3: Open foursquare on your mobile phone and check-in to the location called "LampSquare" to turn the lamp on or off.

All "lamp-ins" will be recorded on the @LampSquare twitter feed along with any comments you leave. Also, feel free to submit pictures or videos of your effect on the lamp to the LampSquare blog.

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